James - Director

I received a life-sentence to Hospitality as a child growing up with my parents owning and operating a successful restaurant in Gosford CBD. I spent my childhood in the family business, and from a young age I began waiting and clearing tables. I was presented an opportunity to enter into business in my early years and began my professional career as a business owner and operator at a young age. I have stayed in Hospitality because I enjoy the challenge. Watching people relax and enjoy their meal, interacting with one another is a special thing to me. Hospitality is the perfect industry for social engagement, filled with many special moments for everyone, from engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and tributes. I believe my involvement within the industry is to be a storyteller and opportunity provider.  The story of wine and the process of its conception are so diverse and authentic that I took the opportunity to open Pinocchios. The dream of Pinocchios is to tell stories of wine and present customers an opportunity to taste wines that they never thought they would. Opening Pinocchios on the Central Coast is an opportunity to provide new and innovative experiences for the community and I feel proud of my working contribution to the area.

Tara – Director

At the age of 12 I started as a Kitchen Hand and 17 years on I am still as loyal to the industry as the day I started. I have focused my career within the industry for the joy I feel in making people happy when they’re provided excellent food, coffee and service. Seeing my customers walk away happy makes me happy. I decided to invest into the regions finest wine bar because I love wine; the way that wine makers produce different blends and flavours with no one bottle being the same. The hospitality industry is by nature a social industry, and I want to give the region somewhere they can experience and enjoy the social aspect of sharing a special bottle with friends and family. In due time I hope to spread the love of wine found in Pinocchios to other areas within the Central Coast and eventually north, south and west to other capitals.  We want to hit the market hard and positive, and encourage others to open great establishments.